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Shivermaw is an homage to Sindragosa from the Icecrown Citadel raid. This encounter is a single-target fight with moderate movement and occasional air phases where the boss is unattackable.

While Shivermaw is on the ground, she will use each of her ground-phase abilities twice.

Most of the damage Shivermaw deals during the ground phase is to the tanks:

  •  Wing Buffet deals moderate damage and knocks back any players in front of Shivermaw

  •  Frost Breath deals moderate damage over 4 seconds and stacks a Frost Breath debuff on players in front of Shivermaw

  • Tanks should use Active Mitigation to help reduce the damage of these attacks

  • Healers can dispel the Frost Breath debuff, but should wait for it to reach its full 6 stacks before doing so

Only stand in Frostbite during Shivermaw's air phase

Shivermaw will also threaten the party with two attacks:

 Relentless Storm also blankets the upper prison in  Frostbite, which deals damage over time to players standing in the affected area and slows movement speed by 30%. Ranged DPS and healers should not stand in these areas while Shivermaw is in her ground phase.

Approximately 40 seconds into the fight, and every minute thereafter, Shivermaw will enter her air phase.

  • Shivermaw will walk to the center of the room and then take off into the air

  • While Shivermaw is in the air she is out of range of attacks (although DoTs persist)

  • Shivermaw will begin to cast  Ice Bomb, summoning a large sphere of ice that slowly falls to the ground

  • When the  Ice Bomb hits the ground, it detonates, dealing heavy damage to all players

  • Any player who is not on the upper level of the prison will become  Frozen

  •  Frozen persists for 30 seconds or until other players destroy the Ice Block by dealing it damage

  • To avoid becoming  Frozen, players must run all the way up one flight of stairs, standing in the  Frostbite on the upper platforms

After the  Ice Bomb has detonated, Shivermaw will land in the center of the room and resume her ground phase abilities.

Players on the ground floor are frozen by Ice Bomb

Tank Responsibilities:

Damage-Dealer Responsibilities:

  • Stay away from Shivermaw's tail to avoid  Tail Sweep knockbacks

  • Move out of  Relentless Storm impact areas

  • When Shivermaw flies up into the air, run onto the  Frostbite-covered second level of the dungeon to avoid the  Ice Bomb

  • Use personal damage-reduction CDs as the  Ice Bomb is about to land, to mitigate the burst damage

  • Break out any allies who have become  Frozen by attacking the Ice Block they are encased in

Healer Responsibilities:

Heroic & Mythic Difficulty

Spread out with Frigid Wind

On Heroic and Mythic difficulties, several seconds before Shivermaw will fly up into the air, she will debuff the entire party with  Frigid Winds. A player's own  Frigid Winds will not injure them, but it will deal heavy Frost damage to any other player within 8 yards. This damage also applies  Chill, a 40% movement speed reduction. Players hit once by another player's  Frigid Winds will thus continue to take damage unless they can move out quickly with a movement ability/snare break like  Blink or  Heroic Leap.

All players should spread out before 
 Frigid Winds is applied, and should be sure to go to different platforms during  Ice Bomb. Taking any  Frigid Winds damage plus the  Ice Bomb explosion is likely to be fatal. The tank and healer could each go up different sides of the central staircase to ensure the tank is topped off before Shivermaw lands.



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