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Blood-Princess Thal'ena

Blood-Princess Thal'ena

Blood-Princess Thal'ena is an homage to the Icecrown Citadel raid boss Blood-Queen Lana'thel.

The Blood-Princess Thal'ena encounter is a single-target race against a fairly strict timer. Near the start of the fight, Thal'ena will bite the party's healer, turning the player into a Vampyr.

The only thing a Vampyr can do is Bite

After the second round of biting, four of the five members of the party will be Vampyr, and so when the third "bite timer" expires, three party members will become mind controlled, likely leading to a wipe. Players have just under 90 seconds to defeat the boss before this happens. 

Eyes denote eligible Bite targets

The biting pattern is relatively simple:

  • About 7 seconds into the fight, Blood-Princess Thal'ena bites Healer

  • At around 35 seconds, Healer bites DPS #1

  • At around 60 seconds, Healer bites DPS #2
    DPS #1 bites DPS #3

  • Use all DPS cooldowns (including  Bloodlust/ Heroism/ Time Warp) and burst the boss down before the 85-second mark

  • If the boss is not dead before the third wave of bites, one player must bite the tank, and finish off the boss, while the other three players become MCed

Occasionally, Blood-Princess Thal'ena will cast  Blood Swarm, dealing moderate Shadow damage to two random players and creating a  Blood Swarm pool beneath her feet. Players will take periodic damage while standing in these pools. Tanks should move Thal'ena away from the pools as they form.

Every 2 seconds, Blood-Princess Thal'ena will damage all non-Vampyr players in the party with 
 Shroud of Sorrow. As more players become Vampyr, there will be less healing required between  Blood Swarmcasts, so the healer can contribute more DPS.

Tank Responsibilities:

  • Move Blood-Princess Thal'ena away from the  Blood Swarm pools that form beneath her feet

  • If any players are affected by  Uncontrollable Frenzy, use cooldowns to survive their damage, and assist in interrupting or crowd-controlling the hostile players

Damage-Dealer Responsibilities:

Healer Responsibilities:

Heroic & Mythic Difficulty

Congealed Blood

On Heroic and Mythic difficulties, Blood-Princess Thal'ena will cast  Blood Call every 30 seconds, hurling three bolts of blood to a random location near a player. This will form a Congealed Blood, which will slowly make its way towards Thal'ena.

If the Congealed Blood reaches Blood-Princess Thal'ena, it will be consumed with 
 Eternal Hunger, causing moderate damage to the party and healing Thal'ena for 8% of her maximum health.

Because of the fight's strict timing, it is important not to let Thal'ena heal. DPS must focus on killing the Congealed Blood adds quickly, and tanks must drag Thal'ena away from Congealed Blood if it gets near.




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