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Tirathon Saltheril

Tirathon Saltheril

Avoid Fel Mortar and Furious Flames

The Tirathon Saltheril encounter is a single-target, two-phase fight; at 50% health, Tirathon will transform into the embodiment of either Vengeance or Havoc, chosen at random.

During the first phase of the fight, Tirathon will target a random player with a  Swoop/ Furious Blastcombo attack.

  • Tirathon will  Swoop to a player's location, dealing damage and knocking back any players near the area

  • He will then begin to cast  Furious Blast

  • If  Furious Blast is successful, it deals heavy party-wide damage and spawns a large pool of  Furious Flames at the location

  • Players should interrupt  Furious Blast each time it is cast

  • The party should stay spread out so that multiple players are not affected by the  Swoop knockback

He will frequently cast  Fel Mortar, lobbing balls of flame at two random players.  Fel Mortar also leaves patches of  Furious Flames. Players should move away from nearby  Furious Flames to avoid standing in it and taking damage.

Most of the damage during the first phase is the heavy tank damage from  Darkstrikes.

  • Tirathon will buff himself with the  Darkstrikes ability

  • He then channels a flurry of  Darkstrike attacks at the tank

  • If a  Darkstrike lands on a tank who is not protected by Active Mitigation, Tirathon gains a  Dark Energies shield, absorbing incoming damage

  • Each  Darkstrike hit deals heavy damage even with Active Mitigation present

  • Tanks should bank up Active Mitigation to protect against the 10-second  Darkstrikes channel

  • Healers should be ready to focus intense healing on the tank during  Darkstrikes

Upon reaching 50% health, Tirathon will cast Metamorphosis, taking on either a Vengeance or Havoc form. In either form, Tirathon retains the  Darkstrikes ability.

Havoc form grants Hatred

Vengeance form grants Fel Chain

Metamorphosis: Havoc

  • Tirathon deals 25% additional damage in this form, making  Darkstrikes incredibly dangerous for the tank

  • Havoc Tirathon retains the  Swoop and  Furious Blast mechanics from phase 1

  • Tirathon will deal damage to all players with  Immolation Aura every 5 seconds

  • Tirathon also gains  Hatred, an ability that creates an intense fel beam

  • He will turn to a random player and aim the  Hatred beam at their location, then rotate to sweep the beam through the room

  • Players must quickly step out of the path of the  Hatred beam to avoid taking heavy to fatal damage

Metamorphosis: Vengeance

  • Tirathon takes 25% reduced damage in this form

  • He retains the  Fel Mortar ability from phase 1

  • Upon casting  Metamorphosis, Tirathon will  Throw Glaive, hurling his glaves across the room to the far right corner

  • The glaives will rotate slowly around the room, linked to one another by a  Fel Chain

  • If a player stands in the  Fel Chain, they will take extremely high damage

  • The party should note when the two glaives are close together, and use that opportunity to run around them

  • This may be necessary more than once, as the glaives will continue to trace a path through the room until Tirathon is dead

  • Use a personal defensive cooldown or immunity to run through the  Fel Chain if you get trapped with no safe escape

Most parties use  Bloodlust/ Heroism/ Time Warp at the start of the encounter when little movement is necessary.

When Tirathon uses Darkstrikes...

...Use Active Mitigation to avoid Dark Energies

Tank Responsibilities:

  • When possible, apply Active Mitigation for the entire 10-second duration of the  Darkstrikes buff

  • If Active Mitigation is not available, consider using a cooldown to mitigate  Darkstrikes damage, as it can be very dangerous

  • Interrupt  Furious Blast when possible

  • Move Tirathon away from nearby patches of  Furious Flames

  • If Tirathon assumes Havoc form, keep him faced away from the party so players do not take  Hatred damage

  • Side-step out of the  Hatred beam to avoid taking heavy damage from it

  • If Tirathon assumes Vengeance form, kite Tirathon around the room when Fel Glaives approach the party, to avoid taking  Fel Chain damage

Damage-Dealer Responsibilities:

Healer Responsibilities:

  • Tank damage is extremely heavy while Tirathon is buffed with  Darkstrikes

  • Use powerful single-target healing abilities or cooldowns to help the tank survive

  • Move out of impending  Fel Mortar strikes before they hit, and move away from  Furious Flames patches

  • Party damage can range from light to moderate depending on which form Tirathon takes on after Metamorphosis

  • Use raid cooldowns to heal the party during the second phase, so you can focus on tank healing and dodging mechanics

  • If Tirathon assumes Vengeance form, watch for approaching Fel Glaives/ Fel Chain and go around the Fel Glaive to avoid taking  Fel Chain damage

  • If Tirathon assumes Vengeance form, players who take  Fel Chains damage may require emergency heals

  • If you have to choose between the tank and a player taking  Fel Chains, prioritize healing the tank

Heroic & Mythic Difficulty

Furious Flames erupt into Fel Fury adds

On Heroic and Mythic difficulties, Tirathon will summon Fel Fury adds from patches of  Furious Flames created by the  Fel Mortar or  Furious Blast abilities.

  • The first set of Fel Fury adds will be summoned approximately 30 seconds into the fight

  • Another set will spawn after another 30 seconds, and the third set after approximately 15 seconds

  • Fel Fury adds will cast  Scorch at random players, dealing moderate damage

  • Each cast of  Scorch will buff the caster to deal 10% more damage

  • When a Fel Fury reaches 10 stacks of  Scorch, it will cast  Fel Detonation, dealing heavy damage to all players

  • Fel Fury adds will occasionally cast  Fel Emission, which deals moderate damage to all players

  • The Fel Fury adds will also melee the nearest target if interrupted

While  Scorch and  Fel Emission are not outright dangerous mechanics, the combination of their unpredictable party damage and all the other mechanics of the fight can lead to spiky damage or even deaths. Players should prioritize interrupting and killing the Fel Fury adds as they spawn, and tanks should taunt them in for efficient cleave and AoE dps.




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