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Advisor Vandros

Advisor Vandros Tips & Strategy

Advisor Vandros is a two-phase fight with very heavy movement requirements and high situational awareness is required. The second phase,  Lost In Time, occurs when Advisor Vandros reaches 50% health, and will teleport players away from the boss to another location in the dungeon. Players should plan their DPS throughput cooldowns around this forced-downtime window, and many groups prefer to use  Bloodlust/ Heroism/ Time Warpupon returning from this phase.

When players initially encounter Advisor Vandros, he will be channeling a protective bubble in a large area around him. This will fade as soon as players interact with the boss.

Avoid Chrono Shards

The first phase of the Advisor Vandros is hectic and requires frequent movement. Vandros will periodically summon 3 Chrono Shards near players' locations.

  • Chrono Shards move erratically, and detonate with  Time Split after 8 seconds

  • Tanks should move Vandros away from large clusters of Chrono Shards to avoid excessive  Time Splitdamage on the melee DPS

  • Pillars and stairs in the room may cause LOS issues for ranged/healers, so stay aware of the boss's location and move accordingly

About every 7 seconds, Advisor Vandros will cast  Accelerating Blast.

  • If completed, this spell will deal moderate tank damage and buff Vandros with one stack of Accelerating Blast

  • This buff increases Vandros's haste and damage dealt by 5% per stack, and lasts for 15 seconds

  • The damage buff applies to Vandros's melee attacks as well as subsequent  Accelerating Blast casts[li]
    [li]This can create deadly tank damage if Vandros is allowed to maintain 4+ stacks of the buff

  • Players can interrupt 2 sequential  Accelerating Blast casts to cause the stacks of  Accelerating Blastbuff to fall off

This may be best accomplished by letting Vandros reach 2 stacks, then interrupting the next two casts; this should allow two players to handle the mechanic adequately. 

Offensive dispel abilities such as  Purge and  Dispel Magic can also remove the buff, but these only remove a single stack at a time and are generally a less efficient method of countering this mechanic.

Run against the pushback from Force Bombs' Force Nova

Approximately every 30 seconds, Advisor Vandros will summon a pair of  Force Bombs that function similarly to Imperator Mar'gok's  Force Nova (from theHighmaul raid).

  • After a few seconds, the  Force Bombs will explode, creating an expanding Force Nova

  • When the  Force Nova intersects a player's position, it will push the player back in the direction of the  Force Nova's expansion

  • While the player is being pushed back or passing through the ring, they will take rapid ticks of Arcane damage

  • Running forward - against the  Force Nova's direction of travel - will minimize damage taken and also avoid excessive downtime on the boss

  • Speed boosts, personal damage reduction cooldowns, or  Blink-like movement abilities will also reduce  Force Bomb damage

When Vandros reaches 50% health, he will stop time and cast  Banish In Time. The party will be teleported to one of the other bosses' rooms at random and must find their way back to Advisor Vandros's location within two minutes. If players do not re-engage Vandros before the Banished in Time debuff expires, the entire party will instantly die.

Banish in Time paths

The twist is that some of the doors in the instance will be permanently locked, so there is only one path to take from each boss's room to return to Vandros. These paths are highlighted on the map to the right:

  • Purple: Naltira's Lair to Advisor Vandros

  • Green: The Fel Breach (General Xakal's room) to Advisor Vandros

  • Blue: Nightflow Conduit (Corstilax's room) to Advisor Vandros

  • Red: The Forgotten Library (Ivanyr's room) to Advisor Vandros

While banished, Chrono Shards spawn at an accelerated rate, which results in heavy party damage unless meticulously avoided. The party must also defeat severalTimeless Wraiths along the path back to the boss.

  • Timeless Wraiths use  Breach to deal heavy Arcane damage every second to players within 15 yards

  • When the Timeless Wraith is first engaged by the party, it will be casting  Time Lock, a channeled spell that stuns its first target

  •  Time Lock can be interrupted to free the player from the stun, or can be dispelled from the player by the healer

It is important to keep moving during the  Banish In Time phase, and to stick with your party even if they are going the wrong way! It is usually recoverable if players start out in the wrong direction, as long as they stick together. If players split up, the lone player is very likely to die.

Players should use personal defensive cooldowns to help healers, since not all of them have the capacity to deal heavy AoE healing on the move.

Any Timeless Wraith that players are in combat with when Vandros is re-engaged will join the fight, and this will very likely be lethal. Defeat all Timeless Wraiths in the path before engaging Vandros.

Run away from others with Unstable Mana

Once players re-engage Vandros, he will resume his Phase 1 abilities, but also gains a new ability, Unstable Mana, which he will use every 40 seconds.

  • Vandros will choose a random player and debuff them with  Unstable Mana - note that tanks are valid targets

  •  Unstable Mana creates a pool of arcane energy at the targeted player's feet every 0.5 seconds for 8 seconds

  • Each of these pools will detonate 1.5 seconds after they are formed, dealing heavy damage to players within 5 yards

  • The affected player must quickly run away from other players and continue to move out of the pools as they form to avoid taking fatal damage

  • Players with an immunity (such as  Ice Block) can use the immunity to avoid the damage from standing in their own  Unstable Mana explosions, but still must initially run away from other nearby players

Due to the complexity added by  Unstable Mana, this phase is very dangerous, and players may wish to save strong DPS cooldowns to defeat Vandros before a second  Unstable Mana cast can occur.

Tank Responsibilities:

  • Move Vandros away from nearby Chrono Shards to avoid excessive damage

  • Assist in the  Accelerating Blast interrupt rotation

  • Use Active Mitigation and cooldowns when Vandros has several stacks of  Accelerating Blast

  • During  Banish In Time, interrupt Timeless Wraiths'  Time Lock and focus on dealing damage to the Wraiths

  • If targeted by  Unstable Mana, move in a straight line so melee DPS can still find places to stand and attack the boss without taking damage

Kill Timeless Wraiths quickly during Banish in Time

Damage-Dealer Responsibilities:

  • Move away from nearby Chrono Shards before they detonate

  • Assist in the  Accelerating Blast interrupt rotation

  • Use personal damage-reduction cooldowns and movement speed boosts during Force Bomb

  • During  Banish In Time, quickly kill the Timeless Wraiths and interrupt  Time Lock

  • Use major personal damage-reduction cooldowns while running back to Vandros, and avoid as much Chrono Shard damage as possible

  • If targeted by  Unstable Mana, move away from other players, and keep moving until the debuff falls off

Healer Responsibilities:

  • Be sure to maintain line-of-sight on the tank at all times

  • Heavy tank healing will be necessary when Vandros has multiple stacks of Accelerating Blast

  • Throughput cooldowns are useful during  Force Bomb

  • Move away from nearby Chrono Shards before they detonate, and move quickly through  Force Bomb

  • During  Banish In Time, use instant-cast or mobile heals, and damage-reduction cooldowns (raid or personal), to mitigate heavy party damage

  • Dispel  Time Lock from affected players

  • If targeted by  Unstable Mana, move away from other players, and keep moving until the debuff falls off



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