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Drop Rancid Maw pools in convenient
locations for add control and to help
the tanks survive Spiked Tongue

The Naraxas encounter requires heavy movement, situational awareness, and frequent target-swapping. It is a hectic fight, and Bloodlust/ Heroism/ Time Warp may be more useful here than on the final boss of the dungeon.

Throughout the fight, two Wormspeaker Devout adds will drop down from the gallery above the encounter area, and begin mindlessly moving toward Naraxas.

  • One Wormspeaker Devout add drops down from each side of the room, behind the party

  • The Wormspeaker Devouts will cast  Fanatic's Sacrifice if they reach Naraxas, allowing Naraxas to devour them

  • Each Wormspeaker Devout that Naraxas eats will grant her a stack of  Ravenous

  • Kill the Wormspeaker Devouts before they reach Naraxas

  • The party should use stuns, slows, knockbacks, and other CC on Devouts that get near Naraxas

Naraxas will periodically affect two non-tank players with  Rancid Maw.

  • Nearly immediately after the  Rancid Maw debuff is applied, pools of toxic bile will form at the targets' feet

  • Standing in the bile deals periodic Nature damage

  • Players should generally stay spread out to avoid splashing  Rancid Maw damage

The pools from  Rancid Maw will heavily slow the Wormspeaker Devout adds that pass through them, and apply a DoT that helps the party kill them.

  • Players affected by  Rancid Maw should drop the puddles so that Devouts will cross them on their way to Naraxas

  • This will consume the puddle, but make the Devouts much easier to kill without granting Naraxas any  Ravenous stacks

  • Drop  Rancid Maw puddles in the middle of the encounter area, behind the party - not on the edges

Additional party damage comes from frequent  Toxic Retch casts, which apply Toxic Retch to players. Classes that can remove Poison (Druid, Monk, Paladin) should do so, and healers should prioritize removing the tank's debuff.

When Naraxas reaches full mana, approximately 50 seconds into the fight, she will attack the tank with  Spiked Tongue. During Spiked Tongue, Naraxas will draw the tank toward her, trying to suck the player into her maw.

  • At the end of the  Spiked Tongue cast bar, Naraxas will begin  Devouring the tank

  •  Devouring deals extremely heavy damage immediately & every second for 5 seconds

  • If the tank is within approximately 20 yards of Naraxas at any point during the  Devouring, Naraxas will lift the tank into her mouth, Devouring the player

  • While in Naraxas's mouth, the tank is stunned, unable to use any mitigation or self-healing, and out of line of sight of the healer

  • If this occurs, the tank will very likely die

Use Rancid Maw pools to halt Naraxas's Spiked Tongue

Just like with the Wormspeaker Devout adds, the  Rancid Maw puddles will also slow the rate at which Naraxas pulls the tank into her mouth. When Naraxas begins casting  Spiked Tongue, the tank should:

Note that when  Devouring finishes, the tank may not be within melee range of Naraxas, and she may attack a melee DPS. The tank should taunt Naraxas quickly after  Devouring fades.

As with the Wormspeaker Devouts'  Fanatic's Sacrifice mechanic, each time Naraxas casts  Devouring she gains a stack of  Ravenous.

Note that if Naraxas has no players within melee range, she will begin to cast Putrid Skies

Naraxas will  Frenzy when she falls below 20% health, increasing her attack speed and her Physical damage dealt. If Naraxas is casting  Devouring when she reaches 20% health, she will immediately cancel the cast and begin attacking targets within her melee range. It is important for tanks to use the  Rancid Maw to stop the  Devouring's forced movement, so they can stay within melee range and be able to quickly taunt Naraxas when this occurs.

When Naraxas is defeated, her corpse falls back down the hole into the cavern below. Players will be able to loot the pile of debris in the small pool of water after dropping down into the hole.

Tank Responsibilities:

  • Be sure that you are within the healer's LOS while tanking

  • As Naraxas is casting  Spiked Tongue, run toward the back of the room

  • Use Rancid Maw pools to slow your movement as  Spiked Tongue pulls you towards the boss

  • Use a damage-reduction cooldown to survive the  Devouring damage

  • As  Devouring is fading, taunt Naraxas so she does not attack the melee DPS while you get back into position

  • Save your strongest cooldowns for the  Frenzy phase

Damage-Dealer Responsibilities:

Dodge the Toxic Bile pools caused by Toxic Retch

  • Melee DPS should try to avoid standing behind the larger rocks near Naraxas, so they remain in LOS of heals

  • Switch to Wormspeaker Devout adds and kill them before they reach Naraxas

  • Slow, root, stun, or otherwise CC the Wormspeaker Devout

  • If targeted by  Rancid Maw, drop the Toxic Bile pool in the center of the room

  • Use personal damage-reduction cooldowns to survive  Toxic Retch, and move out of Toxic Bile pools

Healer Responsibilities:

  • Use AoE healing or CDs to heal the party through  Toxic Retch

  • The tank will require heavy healing during  Spiked Tongue

  • If targeted by  Rancid Maw, drop the Toxic Bile pool in the center of the room

  • Use personal damage-reduction cooldowns to survive  Toxic Retch

  • If you can remove Poisons, remove Toxic Retch from the tank

Heroic & Mythic Difficulty

On Heroic and Mythic difficulties, the Angry Crowd that is spectating the fight will join in,  Hurling Rocks at randomly chosen non-tank players.

This occurs every 5 seconds, and each time the Angry Crowd will choose two targets for 
 Hurling Rocks.

Approximately 1:15 into the fight, the efforts of the Angry Crowd will double. The second Angry Crowd also targets two players with each 
 Hurling Rocks cast, and both sets of Angry Crowd rocks can hit the same players. 

This serves as an additional healing constraint on the fight, and healers should save their strongest cooldowns for this. The party could also attempt to skip this phase by using 
Bloodlust/ Heroism/ Time Warp at the start of the encounter and killing Naraxas before the second Angry Crowd appears.




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