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Odyn is a single-target fight with moderate to high movement requirements. Although Odyn has extremely high health, the encounter ends when he reaches 80%. Odyn will become friendly again and reward players with loot contained in the Spoils of the Worthy chest.

To begin the encounter, speak to Odyn and challenge him to combat.

Early in the fight, and about every minute thereafter, Odyn will draw all players to his current location and begin to channel  Radiant Tempest.

  • After 8 seconds,  Radiant Tempest will deal near-fatal damage to all players remaining within its 40-yard-radius area of effect

  •  Radiant Tempest will also knock back any player affected by its damage

  • Use movement-speed enhancing abilities to quickly exit the  Radiant Tempest area

Move away from  Spear of Light locations

Throughout the encounter, beginning after the first  Radiant Tempest, Odyn will summon a  Spear of Light every 8 seconds.

  • A golden swirl appears at a location near a randomly-chosen player, indicating that a  Spear of Light will emerge soon

  • After 3 seconds, a large explosion will emanate from the indicated area, dealing heavy  Spear of Light damage to any player within 8 yards, and light damage to all players in the party

  •  Spear of Light then erupts from the location

  • Players standing close to the  Spear of Light will be debuffed with Spear of Light and take heavy periodic damage

  • Avoid taking excessive  Spear of Light damage by moving away from the initial targeting swirl as it spawns

  • Later in the fight, Odyn will summon two, and then three, spears with each  Spear of Light cast

Dodge the  Glowing Fragment to avoid being stunned

After summoning three  Spear of Light sets, Odyn will  Shatter Spears.

  • Each spear detonates into five  Glowing Fragments that fly out in straight lines across the room

  • Touching a  Glowing Fragment will deal extremely heavy damage and will stun the player for 3 seconds

  • It is likely that players stunned by one  Glowing Fragment will be struck by another, and may die

An illustration of running the  Runic Brands to the right locations. Click to enlarge.

Immediately after using  Shatter Spears, Odyn will afflict the party with  Runic Brand.

  • Each player will get a different, brightly-colored symbol above their heads

  • These symbols match the shape and color of the five glowing runes around the circle in the middle of Odyn's arena

  • Players should run to the corresponding rune on the floor in order to drop the  Runic Brand and become  Branded

  •  Branded players transform into golden Valkyr models and will deal 50% more damage and healing for 30 seconds

  • Use  Bloodlust/ Heroism/ Time Warp when most of the party is affected by  Branded

Since this  Runic Brand mechanic always overlaps with  Shatter Spears, players will have to dodge  Glowing Fragments while running to the correct rune. The lost damage from focusing on avoiding  Glowing Fragments is more than made up for by the increased damage players will deal under  Branded.

Players who take fatal damage during the Odyn encounter do not die, but are deemed  Unworthy and carried by Valkyr to the balcony above Odyn's arena.

  • These players cannot re-enter the fight unless Odyn is killed or the rest of the party wipes

  • It is very important that players focus on surviving the mechanics

  • Battle resurrection abilities such as  Rebirth cannot be used, so it is very difficult to rescue a failing attempt

Becoming  Branded increases your
damage & healing

Tank Responsibilities:

Damage-Dealer Responsibilities:

Healer Responsibilities:

  • Each  Spear of Light deals party damage when it spawns; late in the fight, when more spawn at once, this may require cooldowns

  • Run out for  Radiant Tempest

  • Move out of the  Spear of Light indicator to avoid taking extreme damage when it spawns

  • Dodge the  Glowing Fragments that erupt from the  Spear of Light spawns when Odyn casts  Shatter Spears

  • When marked with a  Runic Brand, match the icon on your head to the rune on the floor to gain the  Branded buff

  • Players will be set to full health upon becoming  Branded, so do not panic about healing - just be sure to get your buff!

  • While  Branded, deal as much damage as you can to Odyn, while still healing the tank and party

Heroic & Mythic Difficulty

Quickly interrupt  Surge

On Heroic and Mythic difficulties, Odyn will periodically  Summon Stormforged Obliterator somewhere in the encounter area.

  • The first Stormforged Obliterator is summoned approximately 20 seconds into the fight, then again every minute until Odyn is defeated

  • The Stormforged Obliterator will immediately begin to cast  Surge

  • A successful  Surge cast deals heavy damage to the party and will also reduce the cast time of the next  Surge cast (by 50% on Heroic, and 100% on Mythic)

  • Players must interrupt every  Surge; letting even one cast get off will make it very hard to interrupt subsequent casts

  • The party should quickly kill each Stormforged Obliterator when it spawns

The Stormforged Obliterator can spawn in any part of the encounter area. Ranged interrupts are handy for preventing the first cast, while the tank and melee DPS find and move to the add. Ranged interrupts are also useful if the Obliterator is alive during a  Radiant Tempest.

Additionally, when Odyn summons a 
 Spear of Light, it will emit three  Glowing Fragments. Players must move further away from Spear of Light spawn locations to avoid being struck and stunned.



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