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Hymdall is a single-target encounter with heavy movement and awareness requirements. The movement intensifies over time, so players should use their strongest damage-increasing cooldowns at the start of the fight.

The most important mechanic in the Hymdall encounter is  Horn of Valor, which summons Storm Drakes to aid Hymdall in defeating the party.

  •  Horn of Valor is used shortly into the fight, and again approximately every 40-45 seconds

  •  Horn of Valor deals heavy party-wide damage

  • Storm Drakes respond to the cast and will fly over the bridge Hymdall is guarding

  • The Drakes may approach from the left or right side, and may choose to fly over the front, center, or back section of Hymdall's bridge

  • Storm Drakes use  Storm Breath as they fly over the bridge, blanketing that section with a  Static Field that deals heavy damage to players within it

  • The number of Drakes summoned depends on Hymdall's health when he began casting  Horn of Valor

  • Above 75% health, he will summon a single Drake; between 75% and 50% health, 2 Drakes; below 50% health, 3 Drakes

Angle your camera to see incoming Storm Drakes when Hymdall casts  Horn of Valor, and avoid the  Static Field

When Hymdall casts  Horn of Valor, players must look for the approaching Storm Drake, judge which section of the bridge it will fly over, and move to a different section of the bridge.

  • Each Drake summoned by a specific instance of  Horn of Valor will fly over a different part of the bridge

  • Storm Drakes in the same "set" will never fly over the same part of the bridge

  • So for example, if the first Storm Drake of a "set" flies over the center, the second and third Storm Drakes cannot choose the center section

A simple way to avoid dying to  Static Field is to move out of the way of the first Drake, then back into that first Drake's section after the  Static Field dissipates. Players who follow this pattern will be safe until the nex Horn of Valor cast. The  Static Field fades quickly enough to allow this.

Move away from the  Dancing Blade before it lands

Hymdall will also occasionally target a random, usually ranged, player with  Dancing Blade.

  • Hymdall will throw a spinning blade to the player's location

  • The target and location are chosen at the start of the  Dancing Blade cast

  • Players who are already moving, or who have a movement ability like  Blink or  Gust of Wind, can dodge the attack entirely

  • Players who do not move quickly will take the initial hit of  Dancing Blade damage and be knocked away

  •  Dancing Blades persist for about 30 seconds, and will deal heavy damage to players in its area of effect

  • Ranged DPS and healers should stand at the edges of the room so that  Dancing Blade will not be in the way of  Horn of Valor/Storm Drake movement

Finally, Hymdall attacks the tank with  Bloodletting Sweep, which is a cone attack that deals high damage.

  • All players struck by  Bloodletting Sweep take heavy damage and are afflicted with a bleed

  • The bleed debuff also reduces incoming healing by 25%

  • Non-tanks should take care to stay behind Hymdall or at a long range, to avoid being struck by  Bloodletting Sweep

  • Tanks should be sure to have Active Mitigation up when Hymdall casts  Bloodletting Sweep, to help survive its damage

Hymdall does not die, but surrenders upon reaching 10% health. Players should loot Hymdall's Cache to receive their rewards.

Point Hymdall away from the party so melee DPS
are not struck by 
 Bloodletting Sweep

Tank Responsibilities:

  • Move Hymdall away from  Dancing Blades so melee do not take damage from it

  • Use a cooldown or Active Mitigation to reduce the damage from  Bloodletting Sweep

  • After Hymdall casts  Horn of Valor, look for the approaching Storm Drakes, and move Hymdall so a safe location

Damage-Dealer Responsibilities:

  • Melee DPS should be sure to stay behind Hymdall to avoid taking  Bloodletting Sweep damage

  • Ranged DPS should spread out near the edges of the encounter area to avoid dropping  Dancing Blade on other players

  •  Dancing Blade can be dodged if the targeted player runs, or uses a movement ability such as Blink, as soon as the indicator graphic appears

  • After Hymdall casts  Horn of Valor, look for the approaching Storm Drakes, and move to a safe location

Healer Responsibilities:

Heroic & Mythic Difficulty

Dodge the  Ball Lightning after dodging the  Static Field

On Heroic and Mythic difficulties, when the Storm Drakes lay down the patches of  Static Field, they also spawn electrified tornadoes. These tornadoes will move away from the  Static Field toward both ends of the bridge.

Players must dodge the tornadoes to avoid taking heavy 
 Ball Lightning damage. This is more difficult the closer players are to the  Static Field, and as more Storm Drakes are summoned with each  Horn of Valor cast, players will have to dodge more tornadoes.




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