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God-King Skovald

God-King Skovald

The God-King Skovald fight is a single-target encounter with light to moderate movement requirements. 

The main mechanic of the Skovald fight is using the Aegis of Aggramar. The player who interacted with this shield to begin the encounter will gain an Extra Action Button to use during key points in the fight.

  • In most groups, the tank is responsible for collecting and using the Aegis of Aggramar

  • Pressing the Extra Action Button will cause the player to channel a protective shield for 12 seconds

  • This shield blocks all damage dealt to players standing inside its area of effect

  • Using any other action while channeling the  Aegis of Aggramar ability will cancel it, and may result in a wipe

Use the Aegis of Aggramar to shield the party from  Ragnarok

The  Aegis of Aggramar must be used when Skovald casts  Ragnarok, which deals otherwise unavoidable, ramping AoE damage.

  • Skovald will cast  Ragnarok shortly after reaching 100 Energy

  •  Ragnarok has a 3-second cast bar, followed by a 9-second channel

  •  Ragnarok deals heavy party damage every 1.5 seconds, with each tick growing 25% stronger than the last

  • Use the  Aegis of Aggramar during, not before, the initial  Ragnarokcast bar for best results

  • Players at range should start moving closer to Skovald when he approaches 100 Energy, so they can quickly move into the  Aegis of Aggramar effect

After the players'  Aegis of Aggramar fades, the shield overloads, and is flung away from the party. Skovald will then go  Claim the Aegis! and channel the Aegis of Aggramar for 9 seconds.

  • During this time, Skovald will only take damage from players standing behind the shield

  • While channeling, Skovald will also throw patches of  Infernal Flames at players

  •  Infernal Flames deals heavy Fire damage to players standing in the area of effect, and each patch persists for 20 seconds

  • Skovald prefers targets at range for  Infernal Flames, but will target melee if the entire party is within melee range

The party should move to continue DPSing Skovald during the  Aegis of Aggramar channel, but avoid standing in  Infernal Flames.

 Felblaze Rush deals heavy AoE damage

Once  Aegis of Aggramar has completed, Skovald throws the Aegis of Aggramar away, and the tank can pick it up again in preparation for the next  Ragnarok cast. This cycle repeats until Skovald is dead.

Skovald will frequently use  Felblaze Rush to assault the party.

  • Skovald picks a random non-tank target and rushes to them, dealing heavy Fire damage

  • This damage spreads to all other players within 10 yards of the initial target, and can be devastating on melee

  • Ranged DPS and healers should stay spread out to avoid chaining  Felblaze Rush to one another

  • Note that Skovald always uses this ability immediately after  Ragnarok, before  Claim the Aegis!/li]
    [li]If the tank began the 
     Aegis of Aggramar cast late enough in that  Ragnarok cast bar, the shield will also absorb the damage of this  Felblaze Rush

  • To be safe, ranged DPS and healers should move away quickly as  Ragnarok ends, to reduce the amount of  Felblaze Rush damage taken

Finally, Skovald will periodically attack the tank with  Savage Blade, dealing heavy damage.

The  Aegis of Aggramar Extra Action Button

Tank Responsibilities:

When Skovald is shielded, DPS must attack from behind

Damage-Dealer Responsibilities:

Healer Responsibilities:

Heroic & Mythic Difficulty

On Heroic and Mythic difficulties, while Skovald is channeling  Aegis of Aggramar, the first three patches of  Infernal Flames will also spawn a Flame of Woe add.

  • These adds will chase the nearest player, and have no typical threat table

  • If the Flame of Woe gets into melee range of its target, it will attack them, dealing heavy melee damage

  • Flames of Woe leave additional patches of  Infernal Flames in its wake

  • At this difficulty, all  Infernal Flames will persist until Skovald is dead

Kill Flames of Woe before they spread too much  Infernal Flames

While Flames of Woe gradually destroy themselves with  Consuming Flame, it is important to switch to these adds and quickly kill them. If Flames of Woe are alive too long, they will require too much kiting, which will cover too much of the room in  Infernal Flames, and players may have difficulty reacting to the rest of the fight's mechanics.

The cleanest way to handle the Flames of Woe is for all players to loosely group up when Skovald picks up the 
 Aegis of Aggramar, so the Flames all spawn close together. Once the adds have spawned, players can spread out again for  Felblaze Rush

Crowd control abilities such as snares, roots, and AoE stuns can be used to reduce the damage the Flames of Woe deal, while players efficiently AoE the adds down. Melee DPS should take care when attacking the Flames of Woe, and try to find a place to stand that does not incur 
 Infernal Flames damage.

On Mythic difficulty, particularly in Mythic+ keystone dungeons, it can be useful for the healer, rather than the tank, to channel the 
 Aegis of Aggramar. This will allow the tank to continue DPSing. Using the Aegis ability just before, or just after, the first tick of  Ragnarok is likely to cause Skovald's next  Felblaze Rushto deal no damage, as it will be completely absorbed by the shield.





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