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Shade of Xavius

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Shade of Xavius

Notable Trash Mobs

Dreadfire Imps' Dread Inferno

The trash leading to the Shade of Xavius contains Dreadfire ImpTaintheart DeadeyeTaintheart SummonerTaintheart Stalker, and Tormented Bloodseeker mobs.

Dreadfire Imps cast  Firebolt at random targets, and occasionally debuff a non-tank target with  Dread Inferno.

  •  Dread Inferno marks a large area around the player, and at the end of the cast, fires a fireball that will damage every player standing in the area of effect

  • The targeted player should move away from other party members

  •  Dread Inferno is interruptible and should have the highest interrupt priority in packs containing Dreadfire Imps

Taintheart Deadeyes will  Shoot their target when out of melee range, will frequently fire a  Scorching Shot at a random target, and will summon a  Shadow Decoy every 25 seconds.

  •  Scorching Shot is a light DoT effect that can be dispelled by healers

  • When the Deadeye casts  Shadow Decoy, he will teleport away, leaving a shadowy Deadeye Decoy in his original position

  • These Decoys have low health, and use only melee and  Shoot to attack their targets

  • Players can efficiently cleave the Deadeye Decoys down while killing the rest of the pack

Curse of Isolation harms nearby players

Taintheart Summoners attack the tank with  Shadow Bolt, and debuff random non-tank players with  Curse of Isolation.

  •  Curse of Isolation does not harm the affected player, but causes the player to erupt with Shadow energy every 2 seconds

  • This eruption deals moderate damage to any player within 6 yards of the affected player

  •  Curse of Isolation can be particularly threatening when it lands on a melee DPS and damages the tank

  • The affected player should move away from other party members

  • Classes that can remove curses should dispel the  Curse of Isolation

Mythic Difficulty

On Mythic difficulty, the Taintheart Summoner's  Curse of Isolation also slows the target's movement speed by 75%. The targeted player should use a movement speed boosting ability to move away from nearby party members.

Taintheart Stalkers rapidly dash to a ranged target, then back to a melee target, dealing moderate damage with  Dark Hunt.

Tormented Bloodseekers will attack their target with  Darksoul Bite, dealing moderate damage and leaving a Darksoul Drain.

  • Darksoul Drain heals the Bloodseekers each time it deals damage

  • When several Tormented Bloodseekers focus their  Darksoul Bite on the tank, the incoming damage is extremely high

  • Classes that can remove diseases should dispel the Darksoul Drain

  • AoE stuns should be used to mitigate the damage of the 4-bat pack, and both tanks and healers may need to use CDs to keep the tank alive

The kill priority for mixed packs should be Tormented Bloodseeker > Dreadfire Imp > Taintheart Summoner > Taintheart Deadeye > Deadeye Decoy.

Shade of Xavius Tips & Strategy

The Shade of Xavius encounter is a single-target fight with low to moderate movement requirements. All of his abilities have a random target, so the fight can be very hectic for a player targeted by several abilities in quick succession.

Growing Paranoia - stay away from allies

The Shade of Xavius will frequently choose a random player for  Growing Paranoia.

 Festering Rip targets a random player within melee range of the Shade of Xavius, leaving behind a bleed that also reduces incoming healing on the target. Healers should dispel the  Festering Rip debuff quickly, especially when it occurs to the tank.

 Feed on the Weak will target a random non-tank player, and deal an extremely large amount of damage over the course of its channel. Targeted players should use a CD to survive, and healers should focus single-target heals on them.

Apocalyptic Fires fall at an increasing rate

 Nightmare Bolt targets a random player, dealing unavoidable Shadow damage. 

The Shade of Xavius will trigger an  Apocalyptic Nightmare shortly after reaching 50% health.

Most parties use  Bloodlust/ Heroism/ Time Warp at the start of the encounter, since there is much less movement than during the  Apocalyptic Nightmare phase.

Tank Responsibilities:

Damage-Dealer Responsibilities:

Feed on the Weak targets need heavy healing

Healer Responsibilities:

Heroic & Mythic Difficulty

Silenced when alone

All better with a friend!

On Heroic and Mythic difficulties, the Shade of Xavius's Nightmare Boltapplies the Waking Nightmaredebuff to its target.

Note that it is possible for a player already affected by  Growing Paranoia to be targeted by  Nightmare Bolt and receive the  Waking Nightmare debuff, or vice versa. When this happens, the older debuff will immediately fade as the new one is applied, so players never have to worry about trying to manage both debuffs at once.

Additionally, on these difficulties, if the Shade of Xavius is struck by 
 Apocalyptic Fire, he gains a stack of  Apocalyptic Empowerment, increasing his damage dealt by 5% per stack. The tank should try to move the Shade of Xavius out of the impact areas to avoid stacking this buff too high



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