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Oakheart Tips & Strategy

Oakheart is a primarily single-target encounter with low movement requirements. If players fail the

  Strangling Roots mechanic there may be an occasional, trivial add to burst down.

Strangling Roots

Early in the fight, and approximately every 30 seconds thereafter, Oakheart will cast  Strangling Roots, summoning patches of  Strangling Roots under three players.

  • After two seconds, the  Strangling Roots patches become "armed"

  • Armed  Strangling Roots patches will root any player who stands in or passes through them

  • Players should move out of the  Strangling Roots quickly if targeted, to avoid being rooted

  • Throughout the fight, players should avoid stepping into existing  Strangling Roots spawns

  • A rooted player must kill the  Strangling Roots that are holding them in place in order to break free

 Strangling Roots patches can be killed at any time, even before being triggered and rooting a player. They have low health, but due to  Submerged, are immune to many types of AoE. It is best to spread out, to avoid overlapping the  Strangling Roots, and for players to ignore them and avoid stepping in them.

Periodically, Oakheart will knock the party back with  Shattered Earth, dealing moderate damage.

Oakheart will occasionally pick up the tank in a  Crushing Grip, then hurl him at a randomly chosen player.

  • The  Crushing Grip lasts for 5 seconds and deals heavy periodic damage

  • The tank should use a cooldown if possible to mitigate this damage

  • The impact when the tank lands will deal moderate damage to players in the nearby area

  • Oakheart will target the player he will throw the tank at, and that player should move away from others

  • The healer should be prepared to focus heavy healing on the tank during this time

Nightmare Breath

Oakheart aims a  Nightmare Breath at the tank about once every 30 seconds. This ability deals heavy Fire damage in a cone in front of the boss, and applies a moderate DoT to players damaged by it. The tank should keep Oakheart faced away from the ranged DPS and healer to avoid spreading the  Nightmare Breath damage.

Tank Responsibilities:

Damage-Dealer Responsibilities:

Healer Responsibilities:

 Heroic & Mythic Difficulty

Uproot creates Vilethorn Saplings from Strangling Roots

On Heroic and Mythic difficulties, Oakheart will cast  Uproot, spawning a Vilethorn Sapling add for each living Strangling Roots.

  • Vilethorn Saplings deal only melee damage

  • The tank should pick them up quickly so they can be killed efficiently with cleave and AoE

To minimize the number of Vilethorn Saplings spawned, players can preemptively kill the  Strangling Rootsinstead of just avoiding and ignoring them. This is best achieved by having the party stay close to Oakheart, so that all  Strangling Roots spawn within cleave distance. While  Submerged does render the  Strangling Rootsimmune to ground-based AoE type effects, certain cleaving abilities like Chain Lightning or Ignite can spread to them.

If players never kill the 
 Strangling Roots, then the number of Vilethorn Saplings spawned with each  Uprootcast will grow exponentially, and may threaten to kill the tank.






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