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Amalgam of Souls

Amalgam of Souls 


Move away from the Swirling Scythe

The Amalgam of Souls encounter is a straightforward single-target fight with low to moderate movement requirements.

 Swirling Scythe will target random ranged players, marking the target with a blue arrow above their head.

  • When the cast completes, the Amalgam of Souls will throw a  Swirling Scythe at the player's initial location

  • Players have approximately two to three seconds (depending on their range from the boss) to react by moving out of the way

  • The  Swirling Scythe will deal moderate damage if it strikes any player when it 'lands', and will knock them back

  • The scythe will persist for 30 seconds, and will continue to damage and knock back any player that moves into it

  • When targeted, immediately move about 8 yards away to avoid taking any damage

 Soul Echoes will also target a random non-tank player (melee or ranged), causing the player to leave behind ghostly echoes, just like the Lord Etheldrin Ravencrest encounter.

  • There is a two-second "arming period" during which the affected player should move away from other players

  • The debuffed player will then begin spawning  Soul Echoes at their location every second

  • These  Soul Echoes will last for 4 seconds, then detonate, dealing moderate Shadow damage to all nearby players

  • Players targeted by  Soul Echoes should run to the edge of the room and drop their echoes away from other party members

Do not be in front of the Amalgam of Souls during Reap Souls

About 20 seconds into the fight, and approximately every 15 seconds thereafter, the Amalgam of Souls will cast  Reap Soul, dealing extreme damage to all players in a 180-degree arc in front of him.

  • Players should never be in front of Amalgam of Souls for  Reap Soul

  • The boss does not move while casting  Reap Soul, so even the tank can dodge the ability

  • Non-tank players who are struck by  Reap Soul will very likely die

  • Tanks will take near-fatal damage, even through Active Mitigation

  • Always watch for the large spell effect and move out of it

Most groups use  Bloodlust/ Heroism/ Time Warp at the start of this encounter.

Tank Responsibilities:

  • Keep the Amalgam of Souls facing away from the party

  • Stay close to the boss and run through him for  Reap Soul, then move back so he doesn't spin

  • If you fail to move out of  Reap Soul, use a powerful cooldown to mitigate its damage

Damage-Dealer Responsibilities:

Healer Responsibilities:

  • If the party executes the boss's mechanics correctly, there will be only moderate tank healing to do

  • If the tank does not move out of  Reap Soul, heavy tank healing will be required

  • Players struck by  Swirling Scythe or  Soul Echoes explosions will take spiky damage

  • If targeted by  Soul Echoes, keep moving, and try not to drop  Soul Echoes on other players' locations

  • Stay behind the Amalgam of Souls at all times to avoid dying to  Reap Soul

Heroic Difficulty

On Heroic and Mythic difficulties, when the Amalgam of Souls reaches 50% health, he begins to cast  Call Souls.

  • This spell draws out 7 Restless Souls from the edges of the encounter area

  • They will be untargetable/out of line-of-sight until they pass beyond the ghostly barrier around the edge of the room

  • The Restless Souls move slowly toward the Amalgam of Souls, and use no abilities

  • Restless Souls can be rooted, slowed, stunned, and knocked back

If a Restless Soul reaches the Amalgam of Souls, he will absorb the Restless Soul and gain a stack of  Soulgorge.

Restless Souls must be killed before they reach the Amalgam of Souls

30 seconds after the Restless Souls appear, the Amalgam of Souls will begin to cast  Soul Burst. This deals heavy party-wide damage, and its damage increases for each stack of Soulgorge.

  • Players should kill the Restless Souls as quickly as possible

  • There is nothing to tank or heal during this phase so tanks and healers should contribute

  • Once all the Restless Souls are dead, the party can use the remaining time to DPS the Amalgam of Souls

Healers will want to use either a pre-emptive damage-reduction cooldown or a reactive healing throughput cooldown to deal with the  Soul Burst damage even if no Restless Souls are absorbed.

 Soul Burst is cast, the fight resumes with all of the Amalgam of Souls' usual mechanics.

Mythic Difficulty

The above Heroic mechanic applies on Mythic difficulty.

In addition, on Mythic and Mythic+ difficulties, players who are damaged by a 
 Soul Echoes explosion will be feared for 5 seconds. This can cause the affected player to run into a  Reap Soul, which is very likely to be deadly. Players should take extra care to avoid taking  Soul Echoes damage and becoming feared. 

Soul Echoes fear is a Magic debuff and should be dispelled quickly if a player becomes affected by it. Note that since only healers can remove Magic debuffs, the healer must be very careful to avoid becoming feared themselves.




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